Bermuda Triangle


Bermuda Triangle is a casual triangle game with one goal: Destroy every plane and boat to conquer the whole world. To destroy objects, you need to match the color with the side of the triangle or the color of the triangle.
Destroy objects to level up and unlock abilities to help you destroy more!

🔶Story mode with 36 unique Missions to complete and take over the world.
🔶3 infinite game modes, each one with different controls and mechanics:
🔸Rotating Triangle: Rotate and match the color with the side of the triangle to destroy objects.
🔸Moving Triangle: Move and explore an open world to destroy more stuff.
🔸Teleporting Triangle: Teleport in time with precision to destroy and survive.
🔶10 abilities to unlock by destroying enough objects.
🔶Multiple themes to unlock by completing different tasks.
🔶Detailed game statistics to share and compete with your friends.

🔺Rotating triangle controls: 2 buttons to rotate left and right.
🔺Moving triangle controls: Use a joystick to move.
🔺Teleporting triangle controls: touch the screen to teleport to the selected location.

💎About in-app purchase
The game has only 1 IAP: Pro Version
🌌To unlock night mode
👼To unlock second chance

ℹ️About the application
It's an offline game, can be played without an internet connection.
It's an indie game(created by a single person).
The game does not require any special permission.